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Scott Kelly, Transformative health and wellbeing coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition coach, and kinesiologist, is ready to help you "Get Out And L.I.V.E". 

Read Salt Lake Magazine and Park City Life's article about Scott Kelly and Tapping Into Your Innate Wisdom on page 120.

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    700 Bitner Rd #105
    Park City UT. 84098
    Office- 435-649-3902
    Fax - 435-604-7191

    Studio Gym (G.O.A.L. Fitness)
    979 Mountain Willow Lane
    Park City, UT 84098


    Insight Out Master ClassInsight Out Performance
    Insight Out Performance Retreat 

    Tap Into your Innate Potential

    Why leave your performance to chance when you can tap into your innate abilities and work more creatively with greater impact and less stress?

    Enhancing performance is an inside job that only requires us to see what’s already designed within the system rather than chasing performance outside of us. Leading and working from clarity, increasing productivity, impact and wellbeing are all attributes of understanding our Insight Out nature.

    Why Insight Out? Insight out describes our natural ability to have fresh, new thought that penetrates to the vary nature of something, providing perspective and clarity.

    The “out” describes taking that fresh thought into the world, with clear action. This natural ability that is available to us at all times is more often overlooked or ignored. We all too often have insights that we never follow, simply ignore or in many cases argue against. In these cases we keep our transformative insights trapped in the prison of old outdated thinking leaving a leap in performance on the table and untapped.

    What if by understanding the true nature of how our minds work we could work and perform from clarity and insight more often with less effort? What if by understanding how the mind works we could spend more time in states of flow without having to use tools, techniques strategies or mental manipulation?

    Most performance based training today is based on the misunderstanding that clarity of mind has to be achieved, requires hours of meditation, is achieved through hard work and focus or requires managing stress.

    Most performance trainings and methods point to circumstances, environment and other people as being the source of our experience and limiters to optimal performance. Most performance based training see confidence, resilience, positivity, creativity, optimism and leadership as skills and characteristics that require development.

    Insight Out sees these as innate qualities of all human beings and natural outcomes from understanding the principles behind performance.

    Insight Out Performance focuses on the principles behind our moment- to-moment experience. When we understand how something works, we cut through our superstitious thinking and work from clarity, insight and connection. When we don’t understand how something works, we are left to our faulty, limiting ideas that block clarity, insight and connection and often add stress and over effort.

    How Do We Cut Through To This Understanding?

    We start with a 3-day retreat and immersion into the principles behind performance. As we explore how we create our experience moment to moment our minds become quieter allowing for our own personal insights to emerge. From a quieter mind we see more clearly and insightfully allowing for more effortless performance to flow.

    For 3 days we dive into how state of mind is behind our capabilities moment to moment. When we have higher levels of stress the less clear we perceive work, life, circumstances. The more we understand the principles behind our stress, the more we can work and perform with clarity even in chaos and uncertainty.

    Over the 3 days, we meet for a 2 hour morning session and again in the after noon for a 2-hour session. The space between is designed for self- time and reflection. We find that this is often the most valuable time to allow insights from our sessions to provide deeper clarity.

    After Our Immersion

    After our immersion, you return back to your life and work often with the experience that although nothing has changed, everything is different. For the next 10-12 weeks we follow up with four 1.5 hour sessions to deepen our grounding and understanding, explore challenges and “blind spots” that may have emerged in work and life and continue seeing more from freedom of mind.

    One On One Session

    Each participant will have a 1-hour one on one session with Scott during our 3 months together. We will use this time as you desire to focus on anything that is alive for you, whether its taking an insight deeper or cutting though to clarity on a “blind spot”.

    Additional Outcomes

    The Insight Out Performance program is about you tapping into the innate leader in you and your highest capabilities from clarity. Focusing on the principles behind our experience, which are impersonal, predictable and reliable, we don’t need to leave our performance to chance. Because we are working from principles behind life, you may find that areas outside of work are enhanced.

    • Improved physical health

    • Better sleep

    • Increased motivation and energy to exercise

    • Improved recovery

    • Ease in nutritional changes

    • Better relationships

    • Better connection with your spouse and or kids.

    • Increased freedom around adventure and lifestyle

    • Increased resilience, creativity, joy and wellbeing no matter what

      your circumstances.

      What’s included in this 3 month Performance Program?

    • 30-Minute Private Intake Session.

    • 3 Day Small Group Insight Out Performance Immersion

    • One on One Session with Scott

    • Four 1.5 Hour Follow-up Group Sessions

    • Audio and Reading Material to Supplement Learning

      Groups of 6- $1570/person
      Groups of 5- $1590/person
      Groups of 4- $1625/person
      Groups of 3- $1695/person 

    Get Out And L.I.V.E

    Rebound Health & Performance Center

    700 Bitner Rd Suite 105
    Park City, Utah 84098
    Phone: 435-649-3902

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