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Scott Kelly, Transformative health and wellbeing coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition coach, and kinesiologist, is ready to help you "Get Out And L.I.V.E". 

Read Salt Lake Magazine and Park City Life's article about Scott Kelly and Tapping Into Your Innate Wisdom on page 120.

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    Come See Us:

    700 Bitner Rd #105
    Park City UT. 84098
    Office- 435-649-3902
    Fax - 435-604-7191

    Studio Gym (G.O.A.L. Fitness)
    979 Mountain Willow Lane
    Park City, UT 84098


    Insight Out Master ClassInsight Out Performance
     InSight Out Master Class 

    Looking deeper into the nature of the principles behind our experience provides a deeper and broader foundation for freedom of mind, freedom of body and freedom for life. The Insight Out Master Class provides the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the understanding through conversation, book club exploration and recorded talks by other authors and speakers.  

    How It Works
    Each master class session is 10 weeks long.  During that time the group will thoroughly explore two books, one audio recording and two special topics.  Scott has selected the books to explore that point in the direction of the principles.  Sharing our own insights, asking questions and generating insightful conversation creates a rich experience and allows us to see beyond the written and spoken word for deeper understanding and insight.

    When And Where
    Over 10 weeks we will meet four times for 60-90 minutes.  All sessions will be conducted via livestream/phone conference so you don't need to be here physically.  You can sign in or dial into our session no matter where you are.  All sessions will be recorded and released within the same day for your review.  If you can't be present for a session but have questions you want answered, submit them before the session and they will be answered during the recorded call.

    Calls will generally meet at 11am mountain/1pm eastern while on occasion we will hold an evening meeting at 6pm mountain/8pm eastern.  

    $200   Save $50 With Special Pricing Until Jan 6th, 2017   $150


    • Four 60-90 minute sessions with Scott diving into the material and questions
    • Exploratory Questions for each book and Audio Recording to help on your exploration of the material.
    • Recording of each session sent to you.
    • Selected Recording from an author or speaker exploring the nature of the Principles
    • Does Not Include the Selected Books

    Next Session: January 17th- April 4, 2017

    Reserve your space by filling out the form below or calling 435-649-3902

    Sign Up Here for the Insight Out Master Class. We will contact you as soon as we receive your reservation to collect payment and provide further details.

    Get Out And L.I.V.E

    Rebound Health & Performance Center

    700 Bitner Rd Suite 105
    Park City, Utah 84098
    Phone: 435-649-3902

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